Morning Chat – 4/11/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat April 11, 2022!

Our dog Dottie after she got “loved on” by our daughter. She was apparently cold and is very laid back with her!

Morning Chat – 4/11/22

We love animals. To anyone who truly knows us that really is no surprise. Both, my husband and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy canine companionship all of our lives. And after we married, what was one thing we wanted within the first year – a puppy of our own!

I think most people are that way. There are some things that an animal can give that human relationships just don’t offer. Love and acceptance. They love us unconditionally, and I have never had one of my dogs tell me that I don’t look good in something. I know around my animals I can be totally me and they don’t care – at least as long as I have the cookies!

With that being said guess what this week’s posts are about?!? Animals. Ducks specifically. I have wrote about our Drakes before with Life lessons from my ducks… and I mentioned them in Spring Garden Clean-up. But this weeks posts are all about care of ducklings (on Wednesday) and our experience with our newest ducklings (On Friday).

So, I hope you stop on in to check out the posts and enjoy all the photos – there are a bunch.

Have a great week!


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