Easy watercolor egg decorations


Easter egg watercolor decorations are easy and fun and quick to make – a great kid project!

It is no big secret that I love easy projects – especially easy kid projects. This one also can boast that it is quick. So, if you want to keep little ones busy for a little bit this may be a good project for you!

First start with watercolor paper, a white crayon and watercolors.

I also used – in order – oval dies and machine, small hole punch, and white DMC thread.

White crayon designs on the watercolor paper.

First use the white crayon and make a design on the paper. Then use your watercolors on it. Here’s a tip – if you get a lot of paint on the paper you can wipe it off with a paper towel. It will make it so the paper dries faster and will lighten the colors – especially good if you are looking to get the ‘Springy pastel’ look from a set of primary paints.

Watercolor paper after the paint

After the paper has dried you can use oval dies and cut out “eggs”. If you don’t have a die cutting machine you can trace ovals/eggs on the paper and cut them out. Then punch the top and add a hanger. I used DMC thread. The good thing is that the holes were big enough that I didn’t need the needle that is in the picture above – making the project even simpler!

After all the ‘eggs’ had hangers, I put them up on the Wood card display with some Spring and Easter cards.

I think these would be really cute hanging on a branch that had been spray-painted white. But since my husband already got to all the tree trimmings for this year, I guess that will have to be a project for next Easter.

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