Spring Garden Clean-up

Ahh, with the weather getting warmer it’s time to go play in the dirt!

I play in the dirt all year round – if I can. Sometimes it’s frozen, but that’s ok. Anyway, when Spring arrives it’s time to start thinking of everything that needs to be done in the garden before plants can go in. Here is a list of what I do every Spring.

  • Clean out ducks – Our boys got a couple clean outs over the winter, but it is now time for a full clean out, the straw gets put into the compost bin
  • Clean out any pots that didn’t get cleaned in the fall – there is always a couple I miss no matter how hard I try to get them all
  • Check the pots that will be used this year
  • Clean up potting area
  • Clean up/out any beds of weeds/debris – anything compostable like leaves get left in the beds to be turned over
  • Check plants – Spring is a great time to divide, move, prune or remove if dead (it happens)
  • Rake yard and leaves/grass goes into garden
  • Take down or put up compost bins/hoop houses
  • Check soil PH and make amendments if needed and turn soil over
  • reevaluate what did well last year and what didn’t
  • Make plan for garden

As an added bonus here is a quick list of what I add to our garden to give it a little love. If I noticed the year before that an area wasn’t doing to good I check the soil ph – then adjust as needed. –

  • Compost – I start bins in the garden and they get moved every year. In the spring they come down and that beautiful compost is spread around and incorporated into the soil
  • Coffee grounds – we let ours dry inside then put them in the garden.
  • Bone/Blood meal
  • Egg shells – dried and crushed
  • Duck manure
  • Grass clippings/Leaves/Plant trimmings
  • Wood ash
  • Sand
  • Epsom salt
  • Vermiculite/Perlite

Well, I better get going – I have a garden to clean up! Have a great day!


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