Morning Chat – 4/4/22

Good morning! Welcome to morning chat for April 4, 2022.

Morning Chat - 4/4/22

Morning Chat – 4/4/22

Change is inevitable. It is true, whether you want it to be or not. This week we will be experiencing a change in weather – we are supposed to have rain and high winds then by the end of the week beautiful days in the 70s.

I grew up in Idaho where the olde adults would say ‘Don’t like the weather? Just wait 5 minutes.” That saying seems to be true for Montana as well. And as I grow older, I tend to believe that it’s true for almost everywhere that has a yearly season change.

Besides the weather, other things are bringing change to our lives. The soil has warmed up enough that Spring bulbs are forcing themselves upward. The tops of hyacinths are showing themselves; but they seem to be almost scared to finish coming up. Our tulips, even though I have yet to see buds, they are a deep green reminder that they are getting ready to change and bring a bright red swath of color to our dull mulch covered beds. And while working in our garden I have noticed little buds on the raspberry and blueberry plants. They are waking from their winter slumber and with it brings our anticipation of fresh berries. Even the trees are showing signs of change, with ever swelling leaf buds, our Aspen has even flowered, having dozens of fuzzy flowers having from its branches. Reminding us that it was just resting for the winter and now it is ready to change to its summer glory where its heart shaped leaves will be on display.

Our most current and most involved change is that we will be preparing for changing the color on our house. Painting – gotta love it right?!? Well, maybe not love it, I personally don’t mind it, but needs to be done. Plus, the time outside in the fresh air and the new look will be nice. And after all the prepping and painting is done, I always find solace with a cup of iced tea in the front yard while admiring the new look. That, and just being really thankful that I don’t have to do it again for a while – cause by them, I am tired of looking at anything paint related.

This week on the blog I am writing about change also, just in a different form. Garden Clean-up. Waking the gardens from their winter slumber and changing them to be ready for the first seeds to be planted. It something that I enjoy every year – like painting the house – I know it will be a lot of work but the end result will be worth it.

What are you in the middle of changing right now?


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