Pretty Spring Containers


Soup cans are the base for this simple yet pretty project!

Pretty Spring Containers

Paper covered cans are probably one of the best recycle projects out there. Do a quick search on the internet for them and you will have literally thousands of ideas at your fingertips. I, myself, have used them for a lot of things. Last year I posted an idea using them on Easy and quick Thanksgiving table decor but have also used them to hold pens and pencils, play in the sand with, make luminarias and vases out of, even used as a base for windsocks – Just make sure there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on.

To make them you will need: 3 soup cans, scrapbook paper, ribbon and premade flowers. I also used adhesive dots, but you could use tape.

You will need to wash the cans and make sure they are dry. I cleaned mine out and then waited until the next day to make them (mainly because I ran out of time, but that’s another story!) Then cut your paper and fit it around the can, adhere it. cut a length of ribbon and tie it around the can and knot it. Then place the flower on the can. Ta-da done.

They are as quick as they are cute!

I think these would be a nice addition to an Easter buffet holding the silverware or little bouquets of flowers.

Have a great day!


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