“How can you do it all?”

Have you ever heard that question? Maybe you have asked yourself it.

"How can you do it all?", getting stuff done

“How can you do it all?”

Recently, a friend stopped by our house. And after seeing all that we have done to the house and yard since his last visit, he seemed reflective and asked, “How do you do it all?”. My puzzled look pushed him to elaborate – “You know, work, house, kid…” his voice trailed off. Now coming from him it must seem amazing how it all gets done, a twenty-something that only has to worry about work and a girlfriend. I must admit, sometimes it amazes me how it does get all done. We are busy. Work, housework, kid, homeschool, garden, church, dog, ducks, Dr. appointments, errands, not to mention hobbies, or the all elusive ‘free time’.

I am busy…but aren’t we all?

I just smiled to myself a bit and blurted out “You just do.” Somethings get put away for a season while others take its place. Life is a consistent revolving door. Yes, it can be hard, some days suck. But you learn from the bad days and move on. He just sat there, a stumped look on his face. I think he was hoping for the magic elixir that would make everything easy. But that’s not life. Somethings on your to do list doesn’t get done. Even if you really want to do them. You figure out what is important and what’s not, you balance your life, and continue on.

How do you do it all?


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