Morning Chat – 3/7/22

Good Morning – Welcome to Morning Chat March 7th, 2022

Good Morning! I must admit that this change in my schedule has thrown me off. Moving from someone who is governed by the clock to being unemployed – not to mention still getting over a cruddy cold – has definitely changed my day to day life. Not watching the clock and having to set a timer to have to do something has been a big change. It used to be that I would have 10 things to do, and only the time to do a couple, but everything would get done (don’t ask me how – I don’t know!). Now I have time to get things done – and I seem to be moving through sludge – weird… This is new territory to me. And I think out of all the changes that have gone on in my life it may be the hardest to get used to.

Besides just the change in my employment status, we also have the change in season. The long winter seemed to be ebbing and spring was looking to be early – then late winter storms have set in. Our household is getting itchy for the warm weather to fully get here, but like the picture above, we seem to be encased in ice. I guess we will have to be patient just a bit longer.

I hope you have a great day!


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