Welcome Back to MTdawn!

I hope you like the new look and feel to the website!

Welcome Back to MTdawn! sunburst

Welcome Back to MTdawn!

A new journey has started, and as scary as it seems I think it will be a wonderful adventure.

The last week has been busy. I decided that at my 6-month anniversary of blogging I would push the blog forward. That means a lot of things – for me – changing roles from employee to self-employed is a big step. I now govern what my professional life will look like. I updated the blog to a business, so it is more of a website. I have also learned a lot about what goes on in the back-end of a blog/website. Some websites look so pretty and easy, but every blogger has put in a lot of work to make each site a personal representation of who they are, or what they want to portray.

So, with that here are some of the most notable changes to the website. I do have more ideas for the future, but I believe this is a good start.

Cleaned up the categories and have drop down menu – try them out! There are some categories that don’t have much or anything in them at the moment – but there will be!

Links to new sister sitehttps://pumpkinpapercraft.wordpress.com/ if you like papercrafts – check it out! I will be posting one new project a week to that site.

Moved all papercraft posts to new site – the kids crafts, and general crafts will still be posted on this site but cards/scrapbooking/etc will be posted at the new site. The original posts are still available on MTdawn under crafts

Added a weekly verse/saying – a little inspiration never hurt!

Added Flickr account – I love photography, and it’s a great place to show some of my photos not associated with the website – to visit either click the Flikr link in the sidebar or visit at https://www.flickr.com/photos/195105338@N08/

Changed the blog to monetize – this allows me to add ads to the website. I will eventually ad affiliate links also. This just allows me to be able to generate a little income to help pay for the site.

Let me know what you think? Any good?