Morning Chat – 2/14/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat! February 14, 2022

Morning Chat - 2/14/22, valentines day

Morning Chat – 2/14/22

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. This is a special day for me, exactly 6 months ago I started this little blog. And I decided that on this anniversary I was going to push the blog and see where it will take me.

So today, Morning Chat will be a little short, I have decided to take this week to monetize the blog and to give it an updated look and feel. I will be making changes this week so I decided to not have any posts, but next week – starting with Monday, February 21st – I will be back to a consistent schedule.

I hope you will check back next week and see everything that has changed.

I hope you have a very happy week!


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