Update: Garden Hoop Houses

Back in October I showed what our hoop houses look like, how to set them up and how to care for them. You can check it out at Garden Hoop House. Today, I thought I would give a quick update to show how they are doing.

Garden Hoop Houses, winter gardening

Update: Garden Hoop Houses

I will note that these photos were taken back in January, with a little warm-up that we had the plants are doing great. Now we are just waiting for our inevitable February snowstorm!

I showed two hoop houses in October, but we actually have 3. The largest hoop house that we have is 16 feet long and over winters leeks and parsnips. I love being able to sneak out in the coldest part of winter and pull veggies out to enjoy. I actually pulled out 2 leeks and we enjoyed homemade potato leek soup! Yum!

In the hoop houses we have kale, spinach, radishes, swiss chard, broccoli raab, green onion, lettuce, bok choi, toy choi, and more kale, along with the over-wintered leeks and parsnips. I was very happy to see that everything was doing good, a little small perhaps- I had planted early to allow for good growing before it got too cold, but the cold weather closed in before everything could get a decent size.

We did register in the negatives a few nights, The chard showed the most amount of damage due to it, but chard is hearty! And it already had new leaves growing!

I do love my hoop houses but the weather the last few years, especially the wind – has got me thinking of something a little sturdier. I will still be using them to lengthen our growing season though.

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