Morning Chat – 1/31/22

Good morning and welcome to Morning Chat! January 31, 2022

Morning Chat - 1/31/22, outsourcing, loosing job

Morning Chat – 1/31/22

Like the picture above, sometimes when life is moving you along one way, everything changes, and you change course.

This last week has been that way for us. It all started Thursday. The day had been going well, homeschool went well, I had even had a decent day working and was in the process of working on stuff for the blog when my husband got home. He had been let go by the company he worked for. It came out of the blue, even his boss and coworkers were stumped why. It came from corporate and that’s just the way it was.

Strangely enough, I was very calm. My husband on the other hand was not, and within a short period of time he started through all the emotions that I had just months earlier when I found out that I would be losing my job.

Friday came and the day seemed odd. Something seemed to be just off, and not that my husband was home, but I felt something. Anyway, I worked in the morning and in the afternoon I (and all of those who were losing their jobs soon) had a meeting with the new boss. I figured it would be a ‘the companies wonderful and you will be better off’ meeting like we have had in the past. But it wasn’t.

If you have stopped by anytime in the past, you will probably know that I found out last year that I would be losing my job due to the company deciding to outsource my work type. Anyway…

They started by saying that the outsourcing project wasn’t going as well as they had hoped, and they were now offering for us to stay. Let’s just say this news came with me yelling at my computer!

I was angry, still am to a point. And just when I had finally got over the hurt, they decide we are finally worth what we make. The sad thing is that this is all its about. He was trying very hard to not to say ‘money’, but that’s what it came down to. The contract support wasn’t dropping accounts the correct way and they were losing money.

The other sad thing is that I don’t think they will ever know exactly how badly they hurt us. I have lost friends and coworkers along the way. They had neglected us by cancelling meetings, shuffling us from one boss to another, ignoring us, and essentially telling us to ‘buck up’.

Every fiber of my being is telling me to run, and maybe I should. My husband told me that the decision is mine to make. But with family circumstances changing I just don’t know. I have 2 weeks before I need to tell them my decision. I really don’t know what it will be. I will be doing a lot of praying for guidance.

I hope you have a good week!


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