Morning Chat – 1/17/22


Welcome to Morning Chat for January 17,2022!

Morning Chat – 1/17/22

Good morning! I hope all of you had a nice weekend. With it being Martin Luther King’s Day, some of you get an extra day off – Lucky you! I hope you make the best of it and do something fun!

Speaking of fun – or maybe not so – our days here in the valley are summed up in the picture above. That’s about what it looks like here. Even though I took the picture a few years ago every January is like this, cloudy and cold. At the moment we are a toasty 19 degrees. I will count my blessings – at least it’s not the -5 we were a few weeks ago!

With the cold days and extended amounts of time inside it pushes me to daydream of warmer weather. The plans for the garden take shape during this time, but for us, the warmer weather usually means projects. The last few years we have redone almost every part of the interior of our house. And we were really hoping last fall that all projects were done, and we could enjoy a year without needing the power tools (ok, well maybe some – I like to tinker!). But fate – or maybe it was project karma kicked in. And, over the last month or so we have come to realize that we have somethings – all outdoors – that need to be tended to. The biggest project that we will have this year is our duck house and enclosure.

Last year I really thought that I had given adequate amount of time and effort to keep our feathery little beasts comfortable thru the winter. But looking back now, I really don’t think I did. And at the moment the boys are living in a mishmash of materials that we put together just trying to give them a little warmer place to call home. That’s my fault, and I totally intend to fix it. But at the moment they have to live in their Picasso-esque duck house!

Other projects refer mostly to our garden. Our hoop houses have done well this year, and we have been harvesting from them. But the last few years we have been having more wind. And after more sleepless nights – listening to the wind whip the hoops this way and that – I figure it is time for me to make something sturdier. Luckily, a friend gave us a bunch of leftover construction materials and I will hopefully be able to put all of it to good use.

So – for now – it’s back to daydreaming of how I want my garden to look and how to do these and a few other little projects. How about you – what are somethings you daydream about in the January to keep you going?


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