Morning Chat – 1/10/22

Good morning and welcome to Morning Chat! 1/10/22

Morning Chat - 1/10/22, budget, loss of job, being calm

Morning Chat – 1/10/22

I hope that everyone had a wonderful first week of the new year!

Monday mornings in our house are quiet. And other than our dog snoring quietly at my feet, the house is blanketed in a calm silence. And I am thankful. Calm is not something we have had in our house a lot lately. And even if it is calm and quiet, there has been an underlying stress that has been nibbling away at us. As like anyone else, we have our troubles, if you have ever wandered into my blog before you know about me losing my job soon. I have done all the reevaluating, praying, adjusting, praying some more – that I can do. I have left it in God’s hands. The nice thing is, is that now I am getting over anger and frustration that it initially brought, and I am ready to start the next chapter.

Other than personally needing to work thru the emotions, our main goal after I found about being outsourced was to redo our budgets. This weeks’ posts are all about preparing yourself and your budgets for changes. There are ideas to help not just reevaluate your budgets but to also ideas to help emotionally and personally. Even though I found no personal satisfaction from my job and was wanting to quit, I was very hard to get over after I found out. And even though time is the best healer of wounds, I did find support in some of the ideas I list. I hope that if you or someone you know is going thru a tough time right now that the ideas will help.

I hope you have a wonderful day and an equally amazing week!


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