How to get back into a routine after a break


Originally based for homeschool – but great ideas for work also!

With the holidays ending, and a New Year starting, the idea of getting back on schedule looms in the hearts and minds of many. It’s hard to get back into a routine after the holidays, especially if you took a lot of time off. Here are a few ideas to help get life ‘back to normal’!

Honestly, to tell you the truth, we don’t take long breaks with our homeschool. I try to keep my daughter going all year round. But, also with doing that we have less to do per day, because we don’t take a lot of time off.

Even around the holidays she does school, but I try to make the work more holiday based. Like this last year, we took the 2 weeks before Christmas and learned about how other cultures/countries ‘do’ Christmas. I got a book from the library, we would find the country on the map, usually check out more information online. And sometimes even do a project pertaining to the culture. She’s still learning, and it keeps us in our routine.

We have however, had long breaks that we just can’t work through. A couple years ago, we did a kitchen and living room remodel and even enclosed a deck. We did it all ourselves, and with limited time off – regular sit-down school – was not an option. She did learn ‘on the job’ training – and found out that she likes power tools as much as mom does. But – and it’s a big one – when we went back, we had a horrible time. That’s when I figured out the list below. It’s not easy but taking it slowly over the first couple weeks helps.

  • Mentally prepare yourself and think positive – but just in case, make sure you have extra coffee and chocolate on hand
  • Start back into the routine earlier then needed – get back into going through the motions a few days before actually starting. Getting up at a certain time, breakfast, etc.
  • Don’t expect it will be just like when you left off – your kids aren’t going to want to do it, maybe you won’t either
  • Take it slow – reevaluate where you left off
  • Cut back on the amount of work
  • Try field trips/activities for the first few days/week
  • Have a special “thing” to do for going back – special breakfast, game, activity, field trip, new supplies, or even some fun new curriculum that your kids are excited about – just something special and out of the ordinary.
  • Make the first couple days all about cleaning up and reorganize your school supplies/school area – and get the kids involved!

What are somethings that you do to get yourself back on schedule?


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