Our Homeschool Bucket List

I hope my last post of ‘A Yearly Bucket List’ inspired you to plan on something great to do this next year. If you have yet to read it, you can check it out at A Yearly Bucket List. This post follows the same lines, but it is for our homeschool. What are some things that we want to work on this year…read along and find out.

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Our Homeschool Bucket List

Happy New Years Eve! I really hope that all of you are safe tonight while celebrating and that this upcoming year surpasses all your expectations!

Back to the subject at hand…our homeschool bucket list follows the same guidelines I used for ‘A Yearly Bucket List’ – not something we have to do – but something we want to do! I also want to mention that these are not just things I want to do, I also asked my daughter. By her adding to the list, it allows her to learn about things that she likes, which makes her excited to learn and makes it a much more enjoyable learning environment.

Here is the list we came up with:

  • go to the river and study water flow/erosion (and maybe a little time playing in the sand…err…ok, maybe a lot…)
  • work on spelling, continue with sounds letters make
  • cooking/baking
  • money management
  • Letter of the day (which is where we have a box of letters – pick one each day and name everything that we possibly can that starts with that letter)
  • writing sentences
  • wildflower study
  • leaf study – most likely in the fall
  • tree study
  • snowflake study and frozen bubbles

The good thing about these lists, are that they don’t just stop here – we can add to them as the months go by.

Have a great day!


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