You work at home…you got it easy


Ever heard those words from someone? I have heard them many a time. Some may not actually say it, but you know that’s what they are thinking because of the way they act.

I used to find it very upsetting and extremely insulting when someone would tell me that my job was easy. Most the time they have no idea what I do. Even if they do, most hadn’t actually done the job. So after a long time – I’m talking years – about hearing this, and a lot of prayer and soul searching. I finally made my peace with it. And how was that you ask? I just let it go.

Really…just let it go. What I came to realize was that it was my problem, not theirs. They had come to the conclusion that I had it easy by something I had said, or done, or implied. It was their perception, even if it wasn’t true. Yes, there are other factors that can influence someone’s perception of you, most of us have self conceived beliefs that aren’t going to change, or will only change with a large amount of work. I recently came across an article that said that someone forms an opinion of you with in the first 7 seconds of your encounter. That is completely crazy to me. 7 seconds. We are such complex and diverse creatures that it seems mind boggling to me to think that someone I barely meet will decide if I am “suitable” within such a short amount of time.

I think it baffles me because I try not to judge, I figure it’s not my job – I’ll leave that to God, He’s smarter than I am anyway. I also wouldn’t characterize myself as a people person, but I try to figure people out. Anyone can have a bad day, I have had my share. I wonder how many people have judged me negatively because I am tired, stressed, worried, angry, or frustrated with all that I have on my plate. Which led me to be preoccupied, and made me come across a different way to someone? In their mind maybe I was haughty or rude.

Someone’s perception of you can make you look better also. A few years ago I was talking with a coworker and a topic came up that I had just recently read about and I mentioned it. They thought about it, shook their head in agreement and asked how I got so smart. My answer was simple, “I read.” In their eyes I was probably an intellectual, even though all I did was discuss an article. After thinking about it a while, I also came to the conclusion that someone can form an opinion of you by the way you hold yourself. Confident, crazy, stressed, snooty, a mess? I am sure that with in just a few seconds you could bring to mind someone to fit into each of those categories. Maybe that’s not who they really are, but that’s how people perceive them.

I guess what is comes down to is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If people want to believe that my job is easy, there is probably very little I could actually do to change their minds. And when it really comes down to it the people that are most important to me know the truth. I know the truth.

I hope you have a really wonderful day!


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