Wood pumpkins #2


You can never have too many pumpkins…If you checked out my last post – Wood pumpkins – here are a few more easy pumpkins to make and enjoy!

Wood pumpkins #2

I love pumpkins. They always seem so friendly – I know, that’s weird, but they do. And around our house they are very important. Every year I plant at least 2 (ok, maybe its like 8) sugar pie pumpkins, along with numerous other kinds, Cinderella, baby boo, Jarrahdahl, Jack-be-quick, Warty thing, Lumina, We-be-little, Big max…anyway you get the point. Besides just using them for wonderful, home grown decor, we also use them to eat. And slowly one by one they disappear. However, these happy little diy pumpkins won’t disappear.

These are made with – scrap wood – surprise, surprise! 2x4s to be exact. I trimmed them to make the main bulk of them all the same size, with the top and bottom smaller. I did paint these first then after the paint was dry, assembled them with wood glue. The “stem” is just a funky cut piece of 2×4. After they were all done I got a little brown paint and just lightly marked them up to give a little rustic flare.

The pumpkins above and below are a bit different. The sides can be adjusted due to tiny little hinges, on the picture below you can just barely see them. These are 2x4s also, with just a 1/2 inch piece used for the stem. The stem is glue on and you will want to make sure that it is fully dry before you add a bow.

Ok, I have had my fill of pumpkins (for now) – now on to other fun stuff to try and do!

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