Wood pumpkins


These little pumpkins are so cute and easy. They are a great way to use up scrap lumber and the best thing is that they can be any size you want.

After building a shed a few years ago we were left with a bunch of scrap pieces of pressure treated lumber. While some were large enough to use on other projects we did have some that were just a little to small. So what is a girl to do?!?

Make pumpkins!

They really are super easy to make, especially if the lumber is already cut. These are made from 2×4, 2×6, and 4×4 pressure treated scrap lumber. I drilled a hole about an inch deep in the top, big enough for a stick, gave them a quick wipe down, then painted them fun pumpkin-esque colors. After the paint was dry I used a little wood glue to glue a stick in the top hole for a stem and gave each a jute rope bow or knot.

I have had these outside, under a porch without protectant. But a quick coat of clear matte sealer can keep them protected from the elements.

Hope you enjoy – have a good day!


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