Table centerpiece

A pretty wood box made from scrap lumbar to be a table centerpiece.

I must admit, there are times when I drive my husband crazy…usually it has to do with scrap lumbar and me not wanting to let it become part of our wood pile. But, in my defense, I have used my scrap pile for a lot of projects over the years – saving us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So I guess he’s gonna have to just get over it!

I just recently seen a wood box similar to this at a local store. They wanted over $50 for it. So I think I am doing pretty good.

This is made with 1x4s and 1×6 pieces. The two long sides are 1x4s that are 2ft 6in long. the sides are 1×6 that are 5 inches and the bottom is a 1×6 that is 2ft 4 1/2 inches. I dry fitted all the pieces and then used my nail gun to keep them together.

I love my nail gun!

After all the pieces are together I wiped it down and stained it. I didn’t sand it cause I like the little imperfections, they help give character.

Once the stain was dry I added flowers and candles – you can check Easy and quick Thanksgiving table decor to see how to make them. And done!

I also think that adding a layer of nuts with candles or little pumkins nestled in would be pretty.

What do you think?


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