Easy and quick Thanksgiving table decor


Have you ever prepped a table and thought ‘something’s missing?’

These table decor items can help out when needing something easy and quick, especially the flower bucket!

The need for these little flower buckets arose when I was helping with an event at church. We needed something pretty for the middle of the tables. The only problem was the time constraint. They were needed within a few days and I didn’t have time to run into town, so the next best thing? Make something!

These are straightforward to make. Empty a can (I used a yam can), wash the can, dry the can, wrap paper around can, some of them I also wrapped raffia around, insert floral foam ( I originally used part of a styrofoam block – I told you, I had no time!), insert fake flowers. And done, pretty easy!

You could also use real flowers, that would be really pretty. Since I need to be able to move them easily and quickly, real flowers were out of the question due to water sloshing when moved.

The candle holder is straightforward also. You will need a good pair of gloves and wire cutters for the chicken wire.

These are made with quart size, wide mouth mason jars. I cut the chicken wire to approximately 4 inches by 12 inches, wrapped it around the mason jar to check how it fits and just wrapped the wire around itself. Once that was done, I rummaged through my daughters rock collection, put the rocks in the bottom and added a battery run candle.

If you don’t have any rocks you can purchase them at craft stores. I also thought about using other items instead of the rocks, rice (white or brown), nuts, beans, sand. Really anything that would be small enough to fit in the bottom of the jar. I went with rocks because they were readily available.

What else do you think could go in the bottom of the jar?


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