Witches Broom


Witches Broom

My daughter decided that she wanted to be a witch this year…again. The only problem with that – besides needing a new costume – was that her broom that she had had officially fallen apart – and a new broom was needed for her to be a “proper” witch.

Luckily this epiphany occurred about the time that my husband decided to trim our elm tree. Grabbing a bunch of branches, I arranged them and trimmed to what I thought would look good. I then placed bricks on each side and on top of the main area that they would be bound together – to help then keep their shape, then left them to dry.

It actually didn’t take too long, about a week, then I took jute rope and wrapped around the branches to keep them all together, after a couple tweaks, and a little trim they were all set to paint. I used a dark brown spray paint and gave a few good coats. After that dried I used green mesh tubing and wrapped around it for a little color.

I think it turned out fairly well, and next year we can use it for a decoration.

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