Getting over it…

Getting over it... getting over pain, getting over hurt, outsourced, loosing job

Getting over it…

Since finding out that I will be losing my job in the not too distant future a lot has changed. Most notably my feelings toward certain companies. The two that are effecting me the most anger and hurt. The hurt I can understand, but the anger has caught me by complete surprise.

I am not an angry person, never have been. But I can feel it there, under the surface, simmering like a pot of water. I recently read that when someone has been laid off, or fired – I am being fired, outsourced, thrown out like old garbage, flushed down the drain, take your pick. Anyway, when it happens the employee, i.e. me, feels as though they have gone through a breakup. Feels more like a divorce. At least I get a settlement (severance package) and I don’t have to deal with visitation rights…so that’s good.

My question is, how do I get past the anger, hurt and resentment and get back to my once cheery self? The internet can be amazing sometimes. Just a little search can give millions of options. Here are some that I think may be useful. Some I have tried, many I still need to.

  • self awareness/identification of feelings
  • meditation (has helped a lot!)
  • exercise
  • breathing techniques
  • give yourself a time out – I have noticed I have to do this while I am working, sometimes stuff comes across in email that drives me crazy.
  • write it out
  • talk it out to someone you trust- I know my dog is getting really tired of me complaining.
  • scream – probably don’t want to do this in a public place
  • break something (safely) – We have a cord of firewood that needs to be chopped, it may be done tonight…
  • eat healthy – I know that plate of donuts looks good, eat an apple instead!
  • image yourself somewhere better – can you say day dream?!
  • try to identify something good from it
  • sometimes you are angry because of some other feeling. like fear, embarrassment, guilt
  • mentally let it go
  • forgive

How do you get over feelings of hurt and anger?

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