Time for a Change

Time for a Change
Time for a Change, life change, time for a life change, spouse support

A short time ago I was sitting in our backyard staring off into space when my husband arrived. I knew I looked terrible, bad news has a habit of making one look haggard. He sat down beside me and said ‘It’s going to be ok.’. He was referring to the recent news that I would be loosing my job in a few months.

I had officially been outsourced.

His kind demeanor that day did little to help the overflow of emotions that whirled around inside me. But he was there for me.

Since then, his support has helped make a big change more bearable. I am still angry and hurt, and it will take time to get over it, or at least get past it. For now, life looks different. Changes have to be made. I still have to get up every morning and finish my time there. Then it will be time to move on.

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