Fall Molding Wreath


Happy September! September first in our house means fall has officially arrived. And its time to start fall decorations!

This fun wreath is made from spare pieces of molding that we used when we remodeled our living room. I trimmed the pieces, glued and nailed together, gave a fun, rustic paint job with a bit of stain and added the chicken wire to the back.

I did “sponge” the stain on a bit after it dried. I really like the look it gave.

The good thing is that the flowers aren’t permanent. I tied them on using a little floral wire so that it can be changed.

3 thoughts on “Fall Molding Wreath

    • It is made with left over pieces of molding, they were cut to size then glued and nailed together. After it was dry I cut chicken wire to size and stapled it to the back.

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