To-go bag for kids

To-go bag for kids

Like most families, we are on the go. And my daughter who is just like all other kids, gets bored fairly easily. So we have her a to-go bag. We also have a church bag for her. Both of which are by our front door, ready for use and easy to grab on the way out.

I actually started doing this for her when she was just a baby. In her diaper bag I would keep a few toys that was she wasn’t able to play with unless we were out of the house. As the years have moved on, the bag has changed and adapted to her needs and wants and she has a ready supply of things that will keep her interested for a decent amount of time. When we are pulling into the driveway everything goes back in the bag and is left by the front door when we come back in. I check it occasionally, give it a good clean out and refill with new/different stuff.

These are things that are mainly quiet also. I don’t need to be driving and startled by a toy going off, or if we go to dinner we don’t need a noisy toy drowning out the dinner conversation. Also, I try to be courteous to people around me, not just in restaurants, but church, waiting rooms, etc. Having a kid with you definitely changes the way people interact with you, if your kids are busy you will have a much easier time.

So how do you make one? Super easy – get a bag, decent size but not too big for your child to carry. Our to go bag is her old backpack. The church bag we are currently using is one of my old purses. It is larger then a normal purse and is a little nicer looking for church.

So ok – got the bag?!? Just fill it! You don’t have to spend a lot. Most things we had on hand, and others were things we found at the dollar store. Still don’t know what to fill it with, or it’s one of those days and your brains just not wanting to think? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) Below is a list of items that we have had in ours.

  • drawing pad/notebook
  • color books/color pages
  • markers, crayons or colored pencils
  • paper dolls, magnetic paper dolls
  • look and find books
  • repositionable stickers (I have been able to find these at the dollar store)
  • mazes/connect the dot books
  • threading activity (I just cut out cardboard shapes and punched holes and got yarns to thread thru the holes)
  • cards (first word, sounds, counting – I found at the dollar store also)
  • sticker puzzles
  • felt board with felt cutouts (cut different colors of felt into shapes and have another piece that is uncut/the felt will stick together allowing the child to make scenes. I made flowers for ours)
  • Lego box (if you do an internet search for lego to-go box a lot of good ideas come up)
  • Beading (little kids can use large beads on pipe cleaners, older kids can use pony beads)
  • magnetic tiles
  • dominos
  • duplicate books
  • a snack (preferably something that can’t get everywhere. I would keep toasted oat cereal in a plastic baggie)

Somethings on the list above I would keep from the church bag. I opt to go extra quiet, so the magnetic tiles, legos and dominos would be set aside. Also – have your kids help pick stuff out. Just let them know its for the bag and not to be played with unless you are out and about. Remember the main goal is to help you, not having to worry about bored kids will make your life a lot easier.

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