Tips to make homeschool a little easier!

Tips to make homeschool a little easier! how to make homeschool easier

Tips to make homeschool a little easier!

The last few years I have been homeschooling my daughter. And it has been the most exciting, fun, scary and exhausting experience I have even had the pleasure to endure. With so many people starting for the first time, or maybe even have a year or two under their belts, tips are always helpful. Kids and situations change, and we change to meet them. Here are a few tips that I have been able to put together over my time as a homeschool mom. Hope they help!

Remember all children learn things at different ages and in different ways.

Reading is a perfect example, some age 2, others 8/9. doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong. Kids have their own internal timetable for some things.

Your child may be having problems learning because of the way you are teaching them/explaining to them.

I tend to teach the way I learn. which is fine, but my daughter learns a different way – which led to problems. Luckily I noticed this early in our homeschool journey. I tweaked the way I do things and we haven’t had any problems since.

Take a day off!

Trust me, when you are starting out the day and it is bad. It’s a -no amount of coffee or chocolate is going to help- kind of a day – take it off. I usually use these types of days as “field-trip” or “project days”.

Sometimes the problem is that you are trying to do ‘school’ at home.

I have heard of very few, very organized people that can actually do this.

Make answers to questions that you know you are going to get.

Why aren’t you in school? Why don’t you send your kids to school? Don’t you have to have a degree for that? What about socializing? etc, etc, etc. And you will get looks too! Just kill’em with kindness!

If one type of curriculum doesn’t work, try something else.

This also works with school styles. There are so many out there and most the time you can mix and match to your needs. We are doing a hybrid of unschooling. Hubby and I believe our daughter should have a firm grasp of the basics (math, english, science, reading, etc) then be able to pick what she wants to learn. I still have a say in what she does, but she gets to learn about things she loves.

Do your research. (even if you did buy curriculum)

Brand new and don’t know what your child should be learning? Do a search online for lists and books that show the different grades and what they are supposed to be learning at that grade.

Give yourself a break!

Its hard work! Some days don’t go as planned, it happens. Give your self a time out with a good piece of chocolate or cup of coffee and regroup.

Give your kids a break too!

Its hard learning new things especially when their toys are in the next room.

Learning is a lifetime process.

To be extremely honest, I have learned more in the last few years homeschooling then I think I did when I was in school!

Get help!

Hubby and my daughter read every night. One less thing for me to do, and she gets to experience someone else teaching her.

Have your kids help.

If your kids have input into the materials/curriculum they will be using they are usually more apt to use them without trouble.

Keep a schedule.

morning, afternoon, or both?4 days a week or 5?

Have complete time off/down time.

When you are off – you are off!

Move distractions.

Move anything that can be a distraction to another room.


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